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Human Milk Donations

Human milk helps our most vulnerable infants thrive.  Donating just ond bag of human milk can help up to 20 infants!  Infants in critical care are priority.  Learn how to become a Milk Warrior to donate.

For breastfeeding service, schedule an individual lactation consultation

How to Donate Human Milk

Learn the details of how to become a human milk donor and where to drop off donations at the two depots in Las Vegas

Milk Warriors

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Who Qualifies?

The Milk Bank follows American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) guidelines and Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) guidelines. They screen to confirm:

  • Donors are in good health

  • Medication and herbal vitamin use – some medications are approved Contact us for more information

  • Willing to undergo blood test- free of charge for the donor

  • Able to donate at least 200 oz. collected within a 6 month period of time

  • The process of becoming a donor is 2-4 weeks. Don't wait. Start the process today!

-Mothers' Milk Bank​

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How do I store Human Milk?

To store your breast milk, use clean techniques. HMBANA guidelines suggest: Following the manufacturer’s directions to keep your breast pump clean and operational.

  • When you express your milk to donate, freeze the milk as soon as possible, date the container, and add your donor ID number to the outside of the container.

  • Use a breast milk bag or breast milk storage container. It must be sealed and frozen. Glass containers and plastic bottles are fine as long as they are cleaned after every use.

-Mothers' Milk Bank​


Who receives donor milk?

We make sure that your milk feeds babies who are in need.  Infants born at very low birth weights or have to encounter immediate surgery after birth; these are our most vulnerable infants who we consider a priority in receiving human milk.  That’s why we’re here.

Mission: Helping babies thrive by making donated human milk safe and accessible.

Our Vision: Every baby in our region has access to safe human milk to contribute to the best start in life.

-Mothers' Milk Bank


Las Vegas Milk Depots

Milk Drops are by appointment only

East Las Vegas 

Local WIC Agency - Ask for Semaj
3320 E. Flamingo Rd., Ste. 50
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Contact: Semaj Bruce, IBCLC 702-720-5198
Shipping - Monday thru Thursday (Excludes Holidays)

Call or Text

Las Vegas

Heart & Sol Collective - Rikki the Doula
Contact: Rikki Jenkins, IBCLC, Doula 702-508-8853


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